With more than 9% growth in GDP per year, China has became an essential player in the global economy. Today, no company would question the Chinese industrial power when they take a look at the quality and prices we can find on the Chinese market.



China has a positive effect on our western economies, since we can increase our purchasing power, especially that of the more modest classes, and compels us to integrate this globalized economy.



ChineChine is there to guide you and represent you on this market.




Currently, if your objectives are:


  • To produce your goods at the worldwide lowest cost
  • Respecting your quality standards
  • With your delays
  • But above all, manage this project remotely and safely





ChineChine, your solution!

If you have already contacted Chinese factories, your reflection pointed surely forced on the following points:



The trade with Chinese factory is difficult to understand!


The Asian business culture is very different from of what we know in the west. We know that because we are from France. Our office is opened in China since 1997, and all these years have given us unparalleled expertise in the Chinese market.


Westerners are accustomed to commercial transactions secured by habits and uniform rules of trade between our countries, as well as a same quality perception. China is a different world and it would be imprudent to think that our western work rules apply automatically in their factories! The western company wishing to do business successfully in China must integrate this factor and ChineChine is there to help.


Our primary task is to be able to handle these 2 cultures to make an fair communication. Our second task is to defend the best interests of our clients negotiating the best terms of contract with the more reliable Chinese factories .




How to deal with the language barrier?


Our staff speak English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and various Chinese dialects to work effectively in China. This language mastery allows you to get an optimum understanding of your business, of your visits to exhibitions and factories and for all kinf of your projects in China.




Who are the real experts on trade with China?


More famous is China more people improvise themself chinese market experts. It seems impossible to us to do good business in China without working physically during all the year there, without knowing in depth its culture and without Chinese trustable partners. Doing successfully business with China is to be confronted every day with this other reality.


In addition, it is tempting to want to buy products by contacting Chinese suppliers by Internet, like ordering a book at an online store, but without reel control and on-site management of your order, you are taking great risks!


ChineChine mixes thirty Chinese employees to a Western management residing in China since 1997. We are completely independent and our mission is to ensure that the terms of your contracts, we are negotiating in your best interest, are respected. We meet each time Chinese factories leaders that we selected and visited for you. Our Import/Export division deals with the administrative procedure to export to your country and we will find the best prices for international freight of your marchandises. We propose you to have a interlocutort manage of your entire project in China.




I am in America and it is very difficult to work with a 12h timezone!


Indeed, the timezone is a problem we have taken into account and that is why ChineChine has also an office in Montreal and Bogota. ChineChine offers a 24h service!




Put all the luck on your side and trust ChineChine to represent you of the best of your interests in China!